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Paint Rock

Paint Rock, located on US Highway 83 is the Concho County Seat and was founded in 1879.  The community gets its name from an extensive group of Indian pictographs painted on limestone cliffs bordering the Concho River.  The earliest paintings  date from prehistoric times: succeeding pictographs continued until the last quarter of the 19th century, when Comanche Indians still hunted in the area.  It was also on the banks of the Concho River that shamanistic ritual training was performed by Comanche Indian tribes.

 Visitors can see approximately 1,500 markings by Comanche Indians and other nomadic groups who originally occupied the area.  Other activities in Paint Rock include;

Ingrid's Custom Hand-Woven, Inc., where sheep's wool rugs and saddle blankets are made.  50% of the wool used to make the rugs, comes from local producers.  Coarse fibers from New Zealand, are mixed with the local wool.  Ingrid's uses llama and alpaca from  U. S. producers and mohair from Brady, Texas.  Ingrid's offers 76 colors and visitors can see 13 looms, many designed and built by Schoffthaler.  The largest loom is 12 feet wide and can create a rug up to 28 feet long.  Ingrid's rugs are are reversible and are approximately 1/2 inch thick.  Prices range from $39 up to more than $1,000.   Ingrid's is located west of the Court House, on U S Highway 83, in a century old, 7,000 square ft. building.  Schoffthaler doesn't have a website.  He prefers to do business the old fashioned way -- "in person or over the telephone".  Contact Reinhard Schoffthaler, P. O. Box 115, Paint Rock, Texas 76866 or by telephone (800) 752-8004 or email schofft@wtxs.net for more information. 

Kiser Iron Works is located just south of the Court House.  Randy Kiser, one of the nation's best blacksmiths and a true Craftsman has been showcased in more than a half dozen national publications.  He's known for his iron beds, but he provides custom hardware, fireplace screens and even wine stoppers.  Contact Randy at (325) 732-4740 for more information.




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