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Clean Up Eden

The mission of the Clean Up Eden committee, a voluntary support group, is to provide assistance to the Eden City Council in ensuring that all city ordinances are current, meet the needs of the public and are in accordance with codes and the constitution and laws of the state.  Short and long-range goals are to:

• Review all city ordinances for currency and adequacy
   o Research applicable state and federal laws
   o Identify needs unique to the City of Eden
   o Identify areas needing improvement and propose changes to be made

• Draft recommended ordinances
   o Present drafts, with documentation and reasons for changes to the Eden City
   o Post or publicize ordinances for public knowledge
   o Assist the Eden City Council in researching and resolving legitimate public issues

• Obtain final approval and enactment of ordinances

• Provide follow-on support
   o Assist in identifying situations not in compliance with ordinances
   o Obtain pertinent data, as needed, to assist in the correction of situations
      which cannot be brought into compliance in a timely manner
   o Maintain documentation designed to track the identification of situations not in
      compliance with ordinances to date of compliance or completion of action

• Provide assistance to the Eden City Council in identifying and obtaining grants for funds to
   be used in situations which cannot be brought into compliance without financial aid

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