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Where is Eden? Eden lies 18.5 miles east northeast of the geodetic center of Texas. "Geodetic" has to do with measuring by satellite the exact distance between the four borders as calculated by the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors in 1989. Should you calculate like a long ago Texas land commissioner, balance a map of the state on a pencil point, and the center of Texas comes out about 40 miles east northeast of Eden. So, roughly, we're about in the middle of Texas, deep in the heart of Texas, the place where deer and antelope play, wheat grows, cattle, sheep and goats graze and the people are down right friendly. Eden is 40 minutes from San Angelo, 3 hours from Austin, 2.5 hours from San Antonio, and 4.5 hours from Dallas.

County Information
Eden is located in Concho County. Concho County is located east of San Angelo, the largest city in the area with a population of 93,200 (2010 Census). The Concho River and Colorado River meet in Concho County and form Lake O.H. Ivie, a relatively new fishing and recreational area. Concho County has more shoreline on Lake Ivie than any other county the lake touches. There are four towns in the county: Eden (the largest), Paint Rock (the County Seat), Eola, and Millersview.

Our culture is West Texan. West Texas is anything west of a line that runs north and south between Dallas and Houston. We're strong willed, tough, caring, adventurous, fun loving, good neighbors. We live with prickly pear, mesquites, live oak and pecan trees, and tall strong grasses. Our roots are in agriculture and animal husbandry. Abel's fruits are wheat, milo, pecans and cotton. Cain's gifts are cattle, sheep, mohair and Spanish goats, deer and antelope.

Our average growing season is 228 days. Average rainfall is 24 inches. The first freeze occurs around November 12th. The last freeze date is around March 29th. Real garden enthusiasts put out their tomatoes in February but protect them in case of nippy dips in the thermometer. Winter's average maximum temperature is 63 degrees, minimum is 35.6 degrees. Spring temperatures are 80.2 - 52. Summer's temperatures are 96.1 - 68.3. And Fall charts in at 80.2 - 52.9 degrees.

In 2010, the county census was 4,087. Eden's population was 2,766 of which approximately 1,250 of these were secured in Eden's minimum security Detention Center, a large business and employer in the community. Center employees are gradually moving to town and increasing the population and service base. The county is 1,004 square miles in size and that puts population density at 4.15 residents per square mile compared to a Texas State Historical Association's facts of 96.3 persons per square mile.

Government and Taxes
The city form of government is a Type A Municipality with a mayor and five council. The county government is judge-commissioners court with the county seat in Paint Rock.

Medical and Safety

The Eden Volunteer Fire Department and Eden Emergency Medical Service are staffed by trained volunteers. Concho County Hospital is located in Eden and staffed with two licenses physicians. The Level 4 Trauma designated hospital and health clinic located across the street are very capable at solving typical medical situations and outstanding in diagnosis and referral. The doctors in Eden have a wide reputation as geriatric specialists. Referrals typically go to the excellent medical facilities in San Angelo, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston. The Concho County Health and Rehab is a Skilled Medicare Facility offering a home atmosphere with modern  accommodations. Licensed staff are on duty 24 hours a day with a registered nurse on duty 7 days a week. Physical therapy and Alzheimer's care are also available. There is a beauty shop in house. The facilty is located across the street from the Concho County Hospital. Eden has a resident dentist.


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